Our Quality-Control Information

Elemental analysis and hardness measurements of raw materials and finished products are carried out in the laboratory in the facility.

Spectrolab F Type Chemical Analyzer

  Many of the top stationary metals analyzers are tasked with identifying and measuring all elements and compounds – with exceptionally high accuracy and precision – in incoming, in-process and outgoing materials. This may include research on new materials. The new SPECTROLAB F is the best performing spectrometer available for primary metal producers and is designed to be an equally excellent solution for secondary metal producers.

Metallographic Sample Polishing Device

  Metallography Sample Sanding and Polishing Device The table can be adjusted to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Table rotation speed is selective between 30-600 rpm. It can optionally be used with an automatic dosing unit. The faucet for the water used in the sanding phase can be removed from its place, this feature provides convenience in cleaning the device between steps.